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Williams - Gas Pipeline Operations

The Williams Gas Pipeline Operations building was created as a self sustaining node for The Williams Companies to maintain, control, and support the expansive pipeline and power facility on Houston´s northwest side.

The heavily wooded acreage of the project´s site was originally a multifunctional development with family housing for the employees who worked and maintained the company´s Operations Facility. Through the years the existing circa 1960´s housing had all but faded away — leaving only two of the existing residences standing on opposite sides of the site Williams had considered for their new Operations Facility location.

As part of the design consideration, the new structure was meticulously planned to integrate in to the project site, preserving the existing heavily wooded landscape, and to reclaim the original housing units which had long since been abandoned by Williams. As part of the development and construction of the project, arborist was on site to evaluate and ensure the preservation of the existing trees and landscape that had been a driving force throughout project.

The central atrium of the building acts as a focal point for entry in to the site. The wings of the offices spiral out from the building´s focus and flow through enclosed bridges that now integrate the original housing units in to the whole of the Operations Facility.

With a complete restoration of the original houses included in the scope of the project, the completed space provides Williams with offices for their Pipeline Operations staff, several conference rooms with direct access to critical document storage, as well as several kitchens and other ancillary areas to help support the Facilities employees from day to day — as well as in times of crisis.

Scope of Services:
Schematic Design, Renderings and Project Visualization Drawings, Design Development, Construction Documents, Contract Administration

Completed:   2007
Location:   Houston, Texas
Architect:   Larry L. Christian, AIA, NCARB
Client:   The Williams Companies, Inc.
Contractor:   Trinity Retail Construction
Size (sq.ft.):   8,000

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