A Rich History

Founded by Ira Jack Castles in 1952, Castles Design Group has experienced a rich history of growth and diversity spanning more than half a century. 

Continuing the tradition, ethics and unique 'family' environment established by Mr. Castles, our Principals and staff have established reputations for creative design, inventive solutions, technical expertise, and maintaining strong client relations.

Our extensive portfolio includes projects ranging from very large to very small scale... and budgets as varied as the diverse project types we have dealt with through the years.

With a strong sense of responsibility toward effective design within the constraints of a budget, we are equally committed to serving the needs of the client as well as honoring and protecting the environment.

Integral to this design philosophy we find thoughtful and creative solutions to address each issue and turn design opportunities in to viable solutions ideal for each project.

We believe success is defined by quality projects that are functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

How do we define achievement? By the many satisfied and repeat clients we serve.